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The Surviving Actors Summer BBQ Cruise

Surviving Actors announce their first EVER party… and it’s on a boat! This boat.... We present to you… The Surviving Actors Summer BBQ Cruise! Surviving Actors is the only expo in the... more

Nicky’s Advice For Actors

Christmas suddenly feels a distance memory and 2017 is galloping by at quite a pace.  How's it going for you so far? Did you set any resolutions and if so, how are they working out? I am a huge believer in... more

Highlights of Surviving Actors February 2017

The New Year has officially kicked off and here at Surviving Actors it’s all systems go preparing for our London event on Saturday 4th February! This year looks set to be bigger and better than ever... more

Interview with Manchester Actor Lucas Smith

Ahead of our Surviving Actors convention in Manchester on October 22nd, we caught up with Manchester based actor Lucas Smith to give us a bit of an insight what it’s like being a performer up... more

Surviving Actors Manchester Gets Set For Their Last Northern Expo!

Surviving Actors Manchester started alongside the BBC – heading North to accommodate a booming industry of creatives based in and around Manchester.  We feel proud that we’ve been able to bring Surviving... more

Feature Film Open Casting Call – Surviving Actors Manchester

Sign Up Now! Surviving Actors Manchester is fast approaching and we are excited to announce that, amongst the fabulous things on offer throughout the day, there will be an open casting call for a feature... more

What are the best ‘other’ jobs for actors?

Question: What are the best ‘other’ jobs for actors? "Know what it is you're going to do between acting jobs when you're 50." #ActorSunscreen As part of my ‘other’ job (running the Honest Actors’... more

7 Reasons to attend Surviving Actors London 2016

When attending an Actors event in London, why are you best to choose Surviving Actors? The answer is simple - variety and value!   In one place you can get advice from top Industry players and... more

“Fight your way to the top by being the best you can be” by Dan Styles of Independent Drama

Many look at stage combat as just learning how to safely punch and stab, but that’s really the easy part, adding intention, motivation, status, stakes, etc, while maintaining an awareness of safety (without... more