Network Like A Pro…

Sergio Jaraiz Lara attended the Surviving Actors Boat Party and subsequently met agent Lennie from MSFT Management. Here is his story….


What attracted you to attend our Boat Party?

I had never been to a networking event in London and I thought a tour on the Thames was an excellent idea and could be fun.


What would you say was the best thing about being aboard?

Well, not the weather for sure – haha. We were not lucky with that, but otherwise it was fantastic. I loved the non-formality or seriousness – it was literally a party – and the social interaction; I spoke to so many people in a couple of hours!


What are your top tips for networking at industry events?

First, just go! Sometimes we worry too much about money and time, or put pressure on ourselves. I think it’s good to know what you want but not create expectations and not pretend anything – be yourself and have fun. You never know what’s going to happen.


Where can we keep up to date with your acting career?

Of course on the MSFT website, and via my social media (Twitter and Facebook) @Sergiojaraiz.