Meet Stephanie Leigh Rose, an attendee from last year’s event… who walked out with a new agent!

How did you meet Reflections Talent Agency?

I had recently relocated to London from Chicago, and while I had a healthy acting career stateside, I didn’t know the first thing about the business of being an actor in London.  I did a bit of research online and saw an advert for Surviving Actors in the coming month.  At first it looked too good to be true that all these resources of practitioners, casting directors, actors, and others could be in the same place offering talks and workshops.  Even more unbelievable was the fact that the event is free to attend.  I didn’t know what to expect, so I thought I should start with the free 121 workshops.  This is where I met Emily from Reflections Talent Agency.  I was in the middle of re-doing my show reel, and had absolutely no idea how to format the footage for a UK audience.  Emily’s advice was EXTREMELY HELPFUL!  We were able to sit together and go though the clips I had brought in, as she explained what footage worked, what didn’t, and how to organize it all to show myself in the best light.


Did you find the 121 useful?  

YES! It was very specific and practical advice that I was able to immediately implement.  I went straight home with my notes, and was able to organize and edit my show reel within the next few days.  Emily gave concrete advice that enabled me to have one more tool “ready to go” for castings and the pursuit of future work.  I very much liked Emily’s professionalism and systematic approach to creating the best platform to showcase her roster of talent at Reflections Talent Agency, so I decided to submit my (now streamlined) show reel and actor materials to her for representation.  She brought me on board, and I have booked numerous projects ever since.  Just in the past three months, I’ve booked commercials, corporate videos, and shot a feature length film.


What is your top tip for actors attending Surviving Actors this year?  

Be prepared and do your research!  Look through the programme and see who is speaking, and on what topics.  Figure out what it is you would like to accomplish at SA, and bring the appropriate materials with you.  For example, I knew I needed advice on organizing my show reel, so I made sure to have easy access to all video clips on my iPad/iPhone.  I also had wanted feedback on my recent headshots, so I brought those along as well.  I made a list of questions I had before going, and kept referring back to them to make sure I didn’t forget anything.  This year, I am looking to expand my VO work and bookings, so my goal is to get more information on upcoming classes and packages offered in the coming months in the London area.  There are many specials offered specifically for SA attendees, so this is the best time to start or continue a programme or course you’ve been thinking about taking.


You are currently shooting a movie – can you tell us about that?

Yes, the feature film is called Heckle, and I play the agent/confidante of the protagonist Joe.  It is a stylized thriller with elements of comedy, and has a stellar cast including Guy Combes, Madison Clare, Clark Gable III, and Dani Dyer, just to name a few!  You can find more info here .