SA 2015 – How To Get The Most Out Of The Event

Surviving Actors is now only a week away! How the time flies. We hope you’ve all managed to book onto some of our incredible workshops and seminars and are ready and rearing to go. We thought it would be... more

Janis Jaffa CDG comes to Surviving Actors 2015!

The New Year is the time we all get back to real life with renewed energy and resolution. The festivities are behind us and work and positivity beckon, so what can you do as actors to capitalise on your... more

Audition at Surviving Actors London

With Surviving Actors London coming up in less than a month the team at StarNow took the opportunity to chat to the producer of the exclusive StarNow Open Casting film A Fistful of Bullets, Paul J... more

Taking the Fear out of Networking for your Career

One of the most important actions to take as an actor is Networking. Yes, I know it seems daunting. As soon as most actors think about it, the common reaction is ‘I don't know where to go’, ‘I hate... more


Hello and welcome to our brand new website! Here you will be able to keep up to date with all of our exciting events and watch videos from the past 6 years to help you feel inspired! You will be able to see... more